New technologies pose a challenge for adding value to auditing in companies.

Our goal is to provide reliability to the information, contributing to the reduction of frauds and errors, by optimizing the quality of procedures.

Reliability and information

We optimize the quality of procedures

Tax and Legal Consulting

Effective tax planning is key to a company’s growth. With the objective of optimizing costs and maximizing potential savings, we develop tax strategies taking into account all aspects of the business. 

We provide comprehensive advice on tax litigation, legal, and tax aspects of companies, and we also serve as technical consultants for other professionals.

We specialize in legal and tax matters

We consider all aspects of the business


So that our clients can focus on business growth, we manage and plan their administrative, accounting, and tax tasks, which are crucial for efficient operation.

Key to efficient operation

We provide support in accounting and tax matters

Corporate Finance

Our work is focused on increasing value, providing advice on business plans, investment project analysis, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, and a wide range of management tools.

Ensuring effectiveness and confidentiality

We provide strategic financial advisory

Tax Credit Recovery and Transfer

In accordance with current regulations, we provide advice and alternative solutions that allow taxpayers to submit requests to validate tax credit balances they hold in their favor, both at the national and provincial levels.

Alternative solutions for taxpayers

We streamline the recovery of tax credits